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May 25, 2013
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Caught Off Guard

The young woman looked over her shoulder and sighed it was 10pm and her late night shift stretched in front of her like a never ending slinky. She sighed again and spun around on her chair, she stopped looked round to make sure no one was watching before she straddled her chair and used her legs to propel herself down the corridor making plane noises as she went. She giggled and the she pretended to row a boat while talking to invisible passersby as she propelled herself back the way she came towards her desk.

¬¬______ squinted at the cameras on her desk, there was dodgy looking gentleman at the museum’s entrance but he tottered off singing drunkenly to himself and the night-guard sighed and spun around in her chair again.

It wasn’t everyday that you came across a 20 year old night-guard in a small museum that lurked in the country’s capital: London. ______ had for some inexplicable reason always wanted to be a night-guard. She thought the idea of being able to look after precious objects thrilling......although it was boring. All she had to do was every hour walk around the building and then just watch the CCTV cameras, and in the case of an intruder she just had to press a button that alerted the police and the set off into investigate armed with a baton and flash-light.

______ sighed and let her head hit the table with a loud thump. But suddenly a loud crash made the night-guard sit up her (e/c) eyes wide and searching.  Someone was inside the museum. Quickly the woman grabbed her baton and flash-light and began to creep towards the noise.

She traversed the labyrinthine passages, passing Samurai armour, Venetian Death Masks and relics from Ancient Rome and Greece.  The long and beaked face of a Plague Doctor caused ______ to jump backwards into a precious red Attic vase from Athens. It was a lucky that she caught the priceless vase or it would have been the end of her career and probably her life.  She moved closer and closer; her (h/c) ponytail bouncing as she walked.

Something cracked beneath her foot causing ______ to look to the floor. It was a shard of broken glass which had broken when she had stood on it. The night-guard followed more shards of glass which grew in number as she followed it round the twisting corridors. She stopped when she came across a flood of glass across the floor. ______ looked around in shock at the destruction then everything went black.

----------Time skip----------

______ groaned and slowly sat up rubbing her head looking around groggily; a blistering headache coursing through her brain. There was an ambulance crew talking amongst themselves; one was striding purposely towards the woman with a first aid kit in his hand. Several constables looking sleek in their navy uniforms and peaked caps were taking notes; one was sitting in his heels a bag in his gloved hands their back to the injured night-guard. But what surprised ______ the most was the act there were two plains clothed police man questioning the curator who looked as baffled as the young woman felt.

“Let me have a look at that” the paramedic said gently taking ______’s head into his hands. “Hmmmm that’s a nasty head wound there, I’ll clean it up then we’ll take you to hospital to check for any internal swelling and concussion” the man’s eyes bored into ______’s (e/c) ones. The woman nodded and with the help of the paramedic began to stand up. As she stood up the policeman crouching on the floor stood up and turned round an evidence bag filled with glass shards in his hands.

He was handsome with sandy-ash blonde hair and a cheeky look in his bright green eyes.  He doffed his peaked cap at the medic then turned raising the bag in the air for his commanding sergeant to see.

“Is there a way of interviewing.....” he asked; voice deep and rich, reminiscent of Earl Grey tea and the countryside, motioning with a hand for the girl to speak.

“Oh! I’m sorry it’s ______ ______”

The paramedic frowned and stared at the police offer before him. “When she has had time to rest and her injuries sorted” the policeman harrumphed in response and made his way towards the sergeant.

______ stared after the handsome stranger whilst rubbing her head thoughtfully; if all policemen were as handsome as he then she’d defiantly have to start getting into to trouble more.

“C’mon” the paramedic whispered, smiling gently at the injured guard helping her to the ambulance outside. ______ looked back at the blonde policeman and smiled; blushing when he looked at her with his green eyes.

----------Time Skip----------

The doctors said that she would be fine but they were cautious about letting the police interview ______; after all she has sustained a head wound. But eventually the doctors had given in to the police.

“Hey ______ this is Constable Kirkland, he’s here to interview you about Thursday’s events” Dr. Patel said smiling a gentle smile, the night-guard nodded and sat up. “If you need anything just press the button” the lady’s friendly Indian accent strong and clear.

From round the curtain came a tall man, when he saw the young girl he took his domed helmet off and sat down on in the chair next to ______.

“Hello my name is Constable Kirkland and I just want to ask you a few questions” he had a well spoken voice. ______ frowned, it sounded all too familiar and she looked the man straight in the eye; it was the blonde green eyed man from the crime scene. He stared back and winked discreetly at her.

“Sure” she blushed uncontrollably at his actions.

“Okay, well do you remember anything from that night?” he questioned a small smile on his lips and pen at the ready.

“Well I was bored so I was just mooching around when I heard a crash and decided to investigate. So I went looking and stood on a bit of glass. I followed that until I came to the exhibit the intruder had broken, I was about to see what had been stolen but then I got hit on the head then unfortunately everything went black”

There was silence for a minute the only noise being the scratching of the man’s pen. “Thank you Miss ______”

“What was stolen?”

“Oh it was ‘The Needle’; you know the famous roman short spear” Kirkland said donning his helmet and standing up. “We will get back to you....” he stopped by the curtain and looked around almost sheepishly before coming back.

“Off the record but when this is all over you like to go somewhere with me” he looked awkward and agitated as though he couldn’t speak to women outside of his profession.

The night-guard raised an eyebrow; he had caught her off guard, _______ had not expected such a handsome and friendly man to be interested in her.

“What like a date?” he nodded a small pink tint colouring his cheeks. “Yeah that would be nice” ______ replied also blushing. The constable nodded once then disappeared round the curtain.

She grinned and did a little dance of joy in the hospital bed; she had a date!

----------Time Skip----------

It had been three months since the robbery; the police had eventually tracked down the thief and arrested him. The young man was trying to take the priceless object back to Rome saying that was where it belonged, not in a small British museum.

______ had finally been allowed back to work, although now there were two night-guards to stand watch.

She closed her front door and pulled her thick winter coat around her body, the snow was falling early this year. She checked her watch and scurried away; she was going to be late. She crossed roads and ran down streets until she reached her destination, the museum. And there waiting for her illuminated by the street lights was the dark figure of a man.

He grinned as she walked up to him hurriedly.

“Sorry I’m late; my mum phoned and just kept chatting on as she does”

“It’s okay, I’ve only just got off going to show me round then?” he whispered pulling ______ closer looking down at her with laughing green eyes.

“Maybe but you’ve got to give me something first” she whispered back. The off-duty policeman hummed then leaned down and placed a kiss on ______’s lips.

“How about that?” he asked pulling back and talking her hand. She grinned and nodded pulling him into the museum for a private tour; the snow falling silently on London, the wind pulling the flakes into small eddies that whistled down the street.
This is my half of an art trade with :iconkibbachan: with her's being [link]

I hope you like it =) And I hope others enjoy it too, also feel free to comment!

'The Needle', the famous Roman short spear is something I made up and so is the museum.

Obviously Constable Kirkland is England.

The rank of Constable is the lowest one with full-time policemen, but a Special Constable is the lowest rank in British police hierarchy as they are part time officers.

The picture is from here: [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, the plot to me.
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